March 8, 2010

Episode 20: Inciting A Named Riot

Episode 20 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. This episode celebrates what we call each other, what people call us, and what our mama yells when she wants someone to take out the trash.

News: South Dakota's illiterate legislature, Chile's earthquake, and a racist, bigoted, backwoods Republican politician from Arizona. NO... I don't mean John McCain.

Word of the Day: Panglossian

Sociology topic: Part 4 of 5 on our discussion of tolerance and sex education in the classroom. This week's segment will focus on the implementation of a real, effective possible policy.

Gripe Department: A Pagan Podcast (hint hint) that has really, really got me incensed. This is a lesson in not believing everything you hear, folks!

Spirituality: Pagan names and titles. You can guess what I have to say about it.

Music: Summerfly by Bug from his album Songs from a Green Guitar

Poem: The one rotten egg

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