May 4, 2010

Episode 29: Inciting A Defensive Riot

Episode 29 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast brings back the fabulous Velma Nightshade of WitchesBrewHaha. One podcaster just isn't enough to take on all of the Riotous topics that were talked about today. From sex to griping, we've got a riot for everyone in the longest episode of the show yet!

News: AZ immigration reform isn't quite done, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico won't be done for a while, and I thought we were done discriminating against students in schools.

Word of the Day: Irrupt

Gripe Department: Overly-Defensive Pagans seem to be the latest wave in the pagan community.

Spirituality: Sex around the Beltane fires, is it really that necessary?

We take on a good deal of listener feedback and announce the winner of April's Swag Draw! Remember, May is a new month, and you can enter into this month's swag draw for YOUR chance to win!

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