August 13, 2010

Episode 38: Inciting A Hindu Riot

Episode 38 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Hindu Riot as we finally get around to talking about the oldest living religion on the planet. (Sorry about the delay. My pitchfork was missing, and my torch wouldn’t light.) But that’s not all! We finally announce the TWO winners of our first book giveaway!

News: Isaac Bonewits update, Shirley Sherrod, the Supreme Court doesn’t mind obscenities, Prop 8 is overturned, and the Triceratops is a…myth?

Word of the Day: colloquy

Sociology: A man’s financial abortion

Gripe Department: Keeping public conversations private

Spirituality: Hinduism

Music: Thank U by Alanis Morissette

Book Reviews: Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong & A Wild Light by Marjorie M. Liu

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