August 30, 2010

Episode 39: Inciting An Entitled Riot

Episode 39 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting An Entitled Riot! Find out what that means in the spirituality segment. Also, a running parallel theme in today’s show is learning about a topic/culture/person completely before passing some sort of biased judgment. But, you know, isn’t that every show?

News: OIF ends, New Dawn begins, Mosques in Manhattan, Glenn Beck is a fucking idiot (yes I wrote fucking in the show notes…TWICE), and you might just be able to major in Harry Potter.

Word of the Day: nescience

Gripe Department: Online Forums

Sociology: The Gay Eunuch

Music: [find out the title in the show] by Christopher Dallman

Spirituality: Entitlement in Spirituality and Life

Poetry: evaporation & Singing in Flame Please continue to vote for the show on Podcast Alley, vote, subscribe to, and rate the show on iTunes, join the TwitterRiot by following me @IncitingARiot, enter the Swag Contest through a donation or purchase of swag through the swag shop, take a gander at my articles on, and send your questions, comments, gripes, or complaints to

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