November 13, 2010

Episode 43: Inciting An Evil Riot

Episode 43 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting An Evil Riot. We have a not-so-brief overview of the various ways people think of the idea of evil. Also, we analyze whether there are evil gods, or if that is just an idealized view of humanity in 2010 that wants to pretend we’re above good/evil dynamics. Because…you know…it’s all about relativity man.

(3:01) News: Upcoming elections, DADT, Arkansas school board member, Glee photo shoot, and the Witch’s Wit debacle.

(44:55) Word of the Day: farraginous

(46:37) Tips & Tricks: How to tell if you’re a Real Witch at Halloween

(53:24) Sociology: Being politically correct

(1:13:23) Spirituality: Evil. What is it, and who is it?

(2:03:53) Music: The most witchy song from the most witchy movie ever. (That plays on the Disney channel.)

(2:07:30) Conclusion

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