August 2, 2013

Episode 80: Inciting A Parental Riot

Episode 80: Inciting A Parental Riot (In Loco Parentis) with Sophia of Divine Community!

News: Rick Perry's Merry Christmas Bill, Sagging Laws, Florida's Timely Justice Act / Updated Death Penalty Statistics, Flatulent Demons, Plain English breakdown of Recent Supreme Court decisions 

Musical Interlude: Young Love - Eli Lieb

Supreme Court opinions discussed: Prop 8 - Hollingsworth et al v Perry et al; DOMA - US v Windsor; VRA - Shelby County, Alabama v Attorney General Holder; Affirmative Action - Fisher v University of Texas at Austin

WOTD: vouchsafe

Teach Me Tarot: Liz presents The Empress. (

Music : All American Boy - Steve Grand

Sociology: With special guest Sophia of Divine Community, we discuss the UK's upcoming internet filtering that may include esoteric content.

Contact info:

Twitter - @IncitingARiot

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